About Me

All models are folded by me unless I state otherwise.

Most of the photos are taken with a Canon PowerShot SD600 6.0 Megapixel Digital Camera 

I try to keep my hands busy doing a bunch of things as a kid, like magic, orgami, story writing, learning boy scout skills, and drawing...The only thing that I actually got good at and was able to teach my friends was ORIAGMI. This blog is a place for me to post my thoughts on things that I fold and to also show off some other hobbies I picked up along the way.

Things you might see in this blog:

  • Origami Models (things I fold for myself and things requested)
  • Cocktails (the Chemist in me yearns to mix random things together when I wasn't in a lab for a year)
  • Homemade Ice Cream (after a regretful night and a failed food challenge, this became a guilty pleasure off mine)

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