Sunday, September 9, 2012

My First Origami Blog Post... SPIRALS!!!! =D

Helices From Trapezium
I finally got a hold of Tomoko Fuse's latest book Spiral: Origami | Art | Design and got a little out of hand in terms of trying new folding techniques. I'm still kind of on my "fold anything that doesn't really have a concrete form" (like a  bear, car, person, flowers, etc) binge, and starting to really enjoy it. I usually get the "I have no idea what I'm suppose to looking at face" when I hand someone any model to look at, but with abstract models, like the one above and below, that's the kind of expression I'm hoping for. =) Haha.  Anyone can fold these types of models because all they take are two different kind of folds and no special "spacial-finger-motion-hand-eye-coordination-thingy." Just PATIENTS. The above model is a double layer spiral made from one sheet of trapezoidal shaped paper.

This model right here is what caught my eye and got my to try out some geometric origami/abstract/modular origami. I accidently messed up the spiral near the center when I placed the model in my homemade light box, but really enjoy looking at it with the light differentiating the layers. Looking at it now, it sort of have this ying-yang/light-darkness contrast thing going on. None of which are visible unless i use the light box. I just cut out two sides of a triangle from a sheet of tracing paper and started folding, so the model is still connected to everything.

Here is a different photo of the previous model with the lights on in the room. If you look close enough, you can see the reflection from my light box.

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