Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ribbit Ribbit

"Cartoon Frog" by Nicholas Terry
You can say this model reminds you of some famous frogs out there like Kermit the Frog or Michigan J. Frog., both of which are pretty cool in there own right. Speaking of Muppets, Have everyone seem the latest  Muppets Movie? ITS FREAKING AWESOME! Do yourself a favor and watch it. If you need it, I'll lend it to you.

"Life's like a movie. Write your own ending, keep believing, keep pretending" -Kermit the Frog

Ever meet Jack? He's my one eyed, always smiling, limp arm, stitch leg frog friend.
Too much green? That's never the case

Diagram can be found in "Passion Origami" by Nicolas Terry. I had the chance to see him at one of the Origami Conferences I went to in the past, but at the time I had no idea who he was or the works he did. Haha. Step for step, this model isn't so bad. Though y'all do see that I couldn't finish the back of this model where it's exposed. The hands are not the way the diagram wants me to make them, as well as the mouth. Again, a bit of extra folds here and there. The eyes just so happened to turn out the way they did, which I think is pretty cool.

More Pics of Jack and Cartoon Frog in my Google+ Album

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